Localization in Noetherian rings by A. V. Jategaonkar PDF

By A. V. Jategaonkar

ISBN-10: 0521317134

ISBN-13: 9780521317139

This monograph first released in 1986 is a fairly self-contained account of a big a part of the idea of non-commutative Noetherian earrings. the writer makes a speciality of very important facets: localization and the constitution of infective modules. the previous is gifted within the establishing chapters and then a few new module-theoretic techniques and techniques are used to formulate a brand new view of localization. This view, that's one of many book's highlights, exhibits that the learn of localization is inextricably associated with the research of yes injectives and leads, for the 1st time, to a few actual functions of localization within the examine of Noetherian jewelry. within the final half Professor Jategaonkar introduces a unified surroundings for 4 intensively studied periods of Noetherian earrings: HNP jewelry, PI jewelry, enveloping algebras of solvable Lie algebras, and crew jewelry of polycyclic teams. a few appendices summarize appropriate history information regarding those 4 periods.

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