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Total the e-book is an invaluable software to refresh a few uncomplicated and never so simple vocabulary talents. although, the variety of spelling mistakes and different modifying error is appalling for a try prep booklet. The blunders certainly weaken the final reliability of the ebook.

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Only choices c and d define adjectives, and only choice d is correct. Squeamish means easily sickened, disgusted, nauseated or shocked. E RULE BOOK: MOST OF THE TIME, BUT NOT ALWAYS While prefixes and suffixes are fundamental components of our vocabulary, it’s important to remember that they are tools to use in conjunction with other vocabulary skills. For example, vanquish and varnish both end in -ish, but they are both verbs, not adjectives. But most words that end in -ish are adjectives describing a characteristic.

1. able to burn, corrode, or dissolve by chemical action 2. bitingly sarcastic, cutting. crux (kruks) n. the central or critical point or feature, especially of a problem. cursory ( kur·so˘·ree) adj. hasty and superficial. debacle (di· bah·ke˘l) n. 1. a sudden disaster or collapse; a total defeat or failure 2. a sudden breaking up or breaking loose; violent flood waters, often caused by the breaking up of ice in a river. delude (di· lood) v. to deceive, make someone believe something that is wrong.

Done out of a sense of duty. 25. Fernanda was in a pensive mood as she tried to determine the best way to resolve her difficulties. Pensive means: a. joyous. b. deeply thoughtful. c. indifferent. d. irrational. e. light-hearted. D ETE R M I N I N G M E A N I N G F R O M C O NTE XT 33 ANSWERS 1. d. Terse means concise, using no unnecessary words. The main clue is that the editor cut the article by 25%, dramatically reducing its wordiness. 2. b. Elusive means evasive, eluding the grasp; difficult to capture.

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