Jovan Jones's Chasing the Avatar (Descent) PDF

By Jovan Jones

ISBN-10: 0768428246

ISBN-13: 9780768428247

Maya is a tender girl with notable clients drowning in excessive discontent. in the middle of this discontent, she meets Cha Ma, a guru. instantly, she involves think that Cha Ma is an avatara human incarnationof the goddess Kali, the main malevolent, damaging of all Hindu deities. Spellbound, Maya runs off to India to reside in Cha Mas ashram as a Hindu. Her selection hurls her mom and dad, Paul and Marie, right into a conflict some distance past their wildest mind's eye for they have to struggle for his or her daughters lifestyles, or even her soul, as she teeters at the aspect.

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In the midst of her agony, an entirely different thought crossed her mind—I need to tell Paul. Yes, she needed to tell her husband, share the burden with him. However, he had gone out of town for a few days to visit his sister’s family. I don’t want to tell him. Not yet. I don’t want to admit it. Honestly, I don’t want to deal with what he might have to say. What am I going to do? What am I going to do? The angels of the Lord were getting restless. They could not act because a prayer had not been uttered that would release them.

He was counting on garnering for the kingdom of hell thousands of souls at the least. First he had to ruin Maya, Marie, and Paul. He had planned the operation many years ago—when Maya was still a child. He could see that God had something special in mind for her—and that just would not do! So, he had decided to preempt God. Strategically he had dispatched his minion into her life so that over the years she had been assiduously coached, stealthily influenced, and blatantly manipulated to the exact spot.

Shiva and Devi. Songs of Ram and Sita. The voices of the men and women on the stage mingled with hers leading us, guiding us on a journey. The instruments wove a delicate tapestry that undergirded their delightful melodies and our impassioned responses. I thought to myself—Ah! This music is otherworldly! These must be, truly, the songs of the gods! I was hooked! After many bhajans that seemed to flow one into the other, we sang the last. All I remember is that they were leading us in a song to Kali, and the crowd, MA!

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