Assault Climbers Handbook (mountaineering) by US Marine Corps PDF

By US Marine Corps

As in any army operation requiring designated talents, comparable to hiking, a few particular gear and coaching specific to the challenge has to be lined. The Marine Corps has followed this education for this very cause. This education allows Marines at the tying of knots, rope structures, hiking / descending vertical and close to vertical landscapes - all whereas in a wrestle setting.

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Conscious or 103 unconscious casualties my be transported in this manner: (1) Bearer kneels on all fours and the assistant places casualty face down on bearer’s back ensuring the casualty’s armpits are even with the bearer’s shoulders. (2) He then finds the middle of the sling rope and places it between the casualty’s shoulders and the ends of the sling rope are run under the casualties armpits, crossed and over the bearer’s shoulders and under his arms. (3) Then the ropes are run between the casualty’s legs, around his thighs, and tied with a square knot with two overhands just above the bearer’s belt buckle.

5) The fourth sling rope is tied around the ankles. 105 (6) The pole is placed along the casualty’s length and secured using square knots with two overhands with the ends of the sling ropes. The square knots should be so tight that the overhands are tied onto themselves (7) The casualty should hang below the pole, as close to the pole as possible, to prevent swinging during movement. (8) The casualty’s head may be supported using a triangular bandage or a cartridge belt passed around the pole.

RETRACED FIGURE 8 IN HARNESS 3 )Directional Figure-Of-Eight. When tied and tensioned is applied to the standing and running ends of the rope, the knot will not pull apart. The loop will point toward the direction of pull. DIRECTIONAL FIGURE 8 4 )Slip Figure 8. This knot is used for retrievable anchors and fixed rope installations for the ease of untying the knot. SLIP FIGURE 8 5 )Kliemheist. This is a friction knot. KLEIMHEIST 6 )Overhand Knot. Can be used to secure primary knots on itself. OVERHAND 7 )Münter Hitch.

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Assault Climbers Handbook (mountaineering) by US Marine Corps

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