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By Evert W. Beth (auth.)

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It is usual to think about a space of technological know-how as a process of actual or sup­ posed truths which not just consistently extends itself, but in addition wishes periodical revision and for this reason assessments the creative potential of every new release of students anew. It sounds hugely incredible technology at one time will be accomplished, that at that time inside of its scope there will be no difficulties left to unravel. certainly, the answer of a systematic challenge necessarily increases new questions, in order that our eagerness for wisdom won't ever locate lasting pride. however there's one technology which turns out to shape an exception to this rule, formal common sense, the speculation of rigorous argumentation. it kind of feels to have reached the precise endpoint of each medical aspiration already very presently after its inception; utilizing the paintings of a few predecessors, Aristotle, or so it truly is not less than assumed through many, has introduced this department of technology as soon as and for all to a end. after all this does not sound that unbelievable. We it appears recognize what rigorous argumentation is; another way a variety of sciences, particularly natural arithmetic, will be thoroughly very unlikely. And if we all know what rigorous argumentation is, then it can't be tough to track as soon as and for the entire ideas which govern it. the original topic of formal good judgment may consequently entail that this technology, in variance with the guideline which holds for all different sciences, has been capable of achieve crowning glory at a definite aspect in history.

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A sequent KjL which admits no counterexample is denoted as valid. Ifthe sequent KjZ is valid, then every model M for (all formulas U in) K is at the same time a model for Z; we also say that Z follows logically from K. If Z follows logically from the empty set 0, then we call Z a logical identity; a logical identity is true with regard to any structure M. A semantic tableau for a sequent KjL can be conceived as a description of a systematic attempt to construct a counterexample in relation to this sequent.

Ch. Perelman and L. Olbrechts-Tyteca [1]. CHAPTER III PROOF BY CONTRADICTION 15. INTRODUCTORY REMARKS Besides the subject mentioned in the title, we will bring also another theme up for discussion in this chapter, namely, the systematic conversion of closed deductive and semantic tableaux, already alluded to in par. 7. According to widespread opinion a proof by contradiction, except in those cases where it is the intention to justify a negative conclusion, is not as valuable as a direct proof. Often one demands that even there where a proof by contradiction is almost urged onto one, this is afterwards nevertheless converted into a direct proof.!

The geometric axioms (joined together in one formula) appear as premisses; the theorem to be proved as conclusion: (2) (X)(Y)(Z)[Tr (X, Y, Z)-+ U (X, Y, Z)]. Our tableau therefore takes the following form; False True (1) Geometric axioms (6) Tr (A, B, C) (2) (X)(Y)(Z)[Tr(X, Y,Z)-+U(X, Y,Z)] (3) (Y)(Z)[Tr (A, Y, Z)-+ U (A, Y, Z)] (4) (Z)[Tr (A, B, Z) -+ U (A, B, Z)] (5) Tr (A, B, C) -+ U (A, B, C) (7) U (A, B, C) As the conclusion (7) follows logically from the premisses, in the long run this semantic tableau, too, has to close.

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