Aquinas and Analogy by Ralph M. McInerny PDF

By Ralph M. McInerny

ISBN-10: 0813208483

ISBN-13: 9780813208480

"The easy differences McInerny introduces, hiscriticisms of Cajetan's De nom inum analogia, the purposes hemakes to difficulties comparable to that of the character of metaphysics or oflogic, and his wisdom of latest debates on relatedtopics, make this booklet unique".

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It is rather to be understood that every name analogous through attribution as such, or insofar as thus analogous, is common to its analogates thus, that it belongs to the first formally and to the others by extrinsic denomination. When does this characteristic of analogy of attribution fail to characterize analogy of attribution? That is, what is the difference 20 PART ONE: PROLEGOMENA between 'being' and 'healthy'? , sunt; licet entia formaliter alia ratione dici possint" (n. II). SO too with 'good'.

This is a more comprehensive response than that I gave elsewhere, on the basis of On Truth, because this response also covers metaphorical analogies according to proportionality, in which one is also put in the definition of the other ... Cajetan's assignment of the universal claim about analogous terms to some analogous names, to all of which the claim applies, is guided by his assumption that there are other kinds of analogous name. Nothing in the text of Thomas suggests that; much in the text provided Cajetan the opportunity to rethink the doctrine of his early opusculum.

E. of one first, another after-of those things contained under it. Both the composite and the matter and particular form are called substance, ANALOGY IN ARISTOTLE 39 but not in the same order, which is why later he will ask which of these is substance primarily. The passage is also interesting because it goes on to speak of a metaphorical usage: Exemplificat autem hic membra in artificialibus, in qui bus aes est ut materia, figura ut 'forma speciei', idest dans speciem, statua compositum ex his.

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