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Книга на английском языке с хорошими иллюстрациями. Подробно рассказывается как маслом и акрилью рисовать цветы: климатисы, рододедрон и др.

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I can’t remember a word of what my friends talked about, let alone what Mr. Teague tried to teach throughout the morning. When Mr. Teague finally released us from that endless day, I bade a quick farewell and ran through the school yard. I slowed my steps when I hit the main road, and even more when I got to the turnoff to the path that led to our farm. For a time, I even walked backward, trying to produce that same blind, confident stride he’d had when he backed away from me. But my steps were too unsure, and after one stumble I figured I’d better turn myself around lest he come out from the trees and find me flat on my bottom in the dirt.

After the first verse, it became a familiar story, that of young Samuel being called from his bed by the Lord. Only Samuel didn’t know it was the Lord at first and thought it was the old priest Eli. Mama read it like it was a story, not the Bible, and I wished for a minute that I could do all of my Bible readings this way. Or even just sit and let her tell me the stories without reading at all. Surely she knew them all by heart. Since I didn’t have the page in front of me, I couldn’t count down to the end of the chapter, and I was somewhat startled when her voice silenced.

Early Christians sacrificed to the savages of Rome. Shouldn’t be any surprise that the followers of a new prophet would face the same trials. ” Something stirred within me, even then. I don’t know if it was the anticipation of having inside information, something I could share with Papa at the dinner table, where I usually sat in obedient silence, or the first stirring of revelation, or the simple beauty of this beautiful golden boy beside me. ” One word, and it felt like I was hearing it for the first time.

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