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Now a lot revised given that its first visual appeal in 1941, this booklet, regardless of its brevity, is striking for its scope and rigor. It offers a unmarried strand of easy concepts for the valuable company of recent good judgment. simple formal thoughts are defined, the paraphrasing of phrases into symbols is handled at a few size, and a trying out process is given for truth-function common sense besides a whole evidence approach for the good judgment of quantifiers.

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12 (9. 14). Perhaps also the (later) so called “dictum de omni” (“we say that one term is predicated of all another whenever no instance of the subject can be found of 50 ARISTOTLE which the other term cannot be asserted”‘) might be considered as something equivalent to those laws - in spite of the fact it was stated by Aristotle as a definition. The laws of opposition proper are frequently stated and used, but no attempt is made to axiomatize them. We have: * 9. 20. * 9. 21. * 9. 22. * 9. 23. * 9.

10, 20 a 20-26. The importance of that text has been pointed out to the author by Fr. I. Thomas; cp. also his review of Sir W. D. - l6 Cp. I. Thomas, CS(n): an extension of CS. Dominican Studies 2, 1949, 145-160. - The nearest i ziiv td dh,42s approach to it is perhaps An. Pr. : 6 ~ yde a6t6 &am$ dpouoloyo6~~~o~ Elvat ncivqp Met. r 3, 1005 b 19f. l5 PRINCIPLE OF CONTRADICTION 39 A stand for ‘to be good’, B for ‘not to be good’ .. . Then A and B will never belong to the same thing” following terms : (x, 7.

L8 but cp. An. Post. A 2, Yl b ZOff. where more conditions are added. - T o p . ;cp. 14, 105 b 31. - w, Top. - 91 An. Pr. A 1, 25-28. - 32 Cp. An. Pr. ; and 4, 25 b 26ff. 28 ARISTOTLE noun: ovo/ta strict sense 28 ~ simple ( composite I 28 ~ individual ( universal 27 negated noun 29 flexion of noun 30 ( verb eif/t a 31 ) negated verb 32 ( flexion of verb 33 other spdaeu; ~ affirmation: xattupaau; ( negation: d:n6rpaat, 31i atomic .. aEt') 31i An atomic symbol is one which has no parts significant as parts of it; 38 an atomic sentence has significant parts but they are not sentences.

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