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11. Who did the Spartans fear most within their city-states? 12. Describe the differences between Athens and Sparta. Section 3 • Persia Attacks the Greeks 13. What system did Darius use to unite his large empire under one government? 14. Why did Sparta and Athens unite during the Persian Wars? 370 40°N GREECE Ionian Sea M N Troy Aegean Sea Mycenae ed ite E W S Athens Sparta r ra 20°E nea n Se a Crete Knossos 30°E CHAPTER 7 • The Ancient Greeks STANDARDS 26 Historical and Social Sciences Analysis Skills and EnglishLanguage Arts standards covered are listed in ovals.

C. 50°N 50°N ATLANTIC OCEAN Study Central Need help understanding the importance of geography in ancient Greece? com and click on Study Central. GREECE Troy Athens Sparta Crete N AFRICA 30°N Mediterranean Sea Cyprus Tigr Eu p is R. hrat es R. • Geography influenced the way • The Minoan civilization on the island of Crete built ships and became wealthy from trade. 1. What made the Minoans wealthy? 2. How was a Greek city-state different from a city? 5. Citizenship Skills Name three rights granted to Greek citizens that American citizens have today.

108–09, 147, 151, 164, 212, 226, 227, 495 HI2. Students understand and distinguish cause, effect, sequence, and correlation in historical events, including the long- and short-term causal relations. 108–09, 131, 139, 147, 149, 164, 170, 186, 194, 205, 212, 223, 226, 253, 267, 269, 270, 271, 321, 324, 367, 371, 397, 411, 414, 434, 443, 454, 483, 491, 494, 495, 508, 514, 521, 524, 525 HI3. Students explain the sources of historical continuity and how the combination of ideas and events explains the emergence of new patterns.

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