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By Peter G. Zarrow

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Naphtali Lewis and Meyer Reinhold's Roman Civilization is a vintage. initially released through Columbia collage Press in 1955, the authors have undertaken one other revision which takes under consideration contemporary paintings within the box. those volumes include chosen fundamental files from old Rome, masking more than a few over 1,000 years of Roman tradition, from the basis of town to its sacking through the Goths.The choices disguise a extensive spectrum of Roman civilization, together with literature, philosophy, faith, schooling, politics, army affairs, and economics. those English translations of literary, inscriptional, and papyrological resources, a lot of that are on hand nowhere else, create a mosaic of the brilliance, the wonder, and the facility of Rome.

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Iп this case too, :Маrх serves as а good excuse for the Commuпists, \Vl1ether tће extravagaпt tastes of various strata of the не\V class or poor admiпistration is uпder criticism. Coпtemporaгy Commuпism is поt опlу а party of а certaiп type, or а bureaucracy \vhich has spruпg fтom moпopolistic o\Vllership апd excessive state iпteт·fei·eпce iп the есопоmу. he пe'iv class of O"\VПers апd exploiters. ТНЕ NEW CLASS ~9 6. No class is estaЬlished Ьу its O\Vll action, even though its ascent is organized and accompanied Ьу а conscious stт11ggle.

Althougl1 it is sociologically possiЬle to prescriЬe '\vћо belongs to the пе1v class, it is difficпlt to do so; for the ne"\V class шelts iпto апd spills оvег iпto the people, iпto other lower classes, and is coпstarнly сћапgiпg. The тоаd to the top is theoi·etically ореп to all, just as evei'y опе of Napoleoп's soldiers carried а шarshal's Ьаtоп iп ћis kпapsack. The опlу thiпg tЪat is requii·ed to get оп the road is siпcere апd cornplete loyalty to tlle ратtу or to the пеw class. Ореп at. the bottom, the new class becorпes iлcreasiпgly апd тeleпtlessly пarтo"\ver at the top.

To tће old prerevolutioпary relatioпs sееш нпrealistic, if rюt ridiшlous. Mater·ial апd social bases по longer exist for tће шаiпtепаnсе of sпсћ тelatioпs. Тће Coшшuпists meet sпсћ demaпds as if tћеу were jests. ТНЕ NETV CLASS 65 class is шost seпsitiYe to deшaпds on tће part of tће people for а special kind of fгееdош, not for freedoш in general or political freedoш. It is especially sensitive to deшaпds for fгееdош of tћougllt and criticisш, \\'itћin tће liшits of present coпditions апd \\'itblп tlle liшits of "socialisш"; not for deшands f01· а retuгn to pгevioнs social апd o\vnersblp relations.

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