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By Bhagawandas P. Lathi

ISBN-10: 0700201580

ISBN-13: 9780700201587

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However, its publication brought in the open that scientists are biased. In a further step I claimed that ethnographic records show abundantly that the subjects of study hold biases too: they mistrust the ethnographer, or project expectations on him or her, or like or dislike him, and so on. 8 The important point here is that the colonial attitude of the positivistic researcher forbids the alteration of these conditions: with this view on science the researcher is the sole observer, the only interpreter and the final decision maker on issues of relevance, veracity and truth.

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Imperialism or Colonisation The debate about the division of labour between the different disciplines is often characterized in terms of power balances: imperialism, colonialism, integration, isolation, etc. , one discipline (or the dominant method or theory of a discipline) wants to unify the social sciences by seizing and incorporating the other disciplines. Economics imperialism based on neo-classical economics, is a good example. ” It involves a theory- and method-driven extension of economics to topics that go beyond the traditional issues addressed by economists including the theories of consumer choice, production, markets and macroeconomics; all social behaviour can be explained by using the tools of economics.

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