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By Jane Velez-Mitchell

ISBN-10: 0757315453

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Americans are being lured into habit. And what we are addicted to is not unavoidably unlawful or perhaps tough to return through. Prescription medicines are making us excessive. speedy foodstuff is making us fats. the net retains us continuously distracted with every thing from playing and porn to compulsive social networking. tv bombards us with glamorized violence. From billboards, to on-line pop ups, to ads. . . we are seduced into deciding to buy extra stuff we do not desire whereas we drown in starting to be debt. great earnings fill the wallet of a handful of 'pushers' on the fee of every body else. businesses, govt, and the media are developing the appearance that the extra we now have, the higher we're, and so we crave no matter what they're promoting and develop into hooked on their items within the technique. americans are being seduced into self-destructivebehavior on a mass scale. it is time to take our strength again. In her trademark no-holds-barred variety, Jane Velez-Mitchell asks, 'Do you actually need to be a slave, current simply to make another person wealthy and powerful?' If the answer's no, then learn this ebook. Addict state is our blueprint for switch, yet first we needs to see what's rather occurring. this is often an intervention!

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Even the pushers! The media relays and popularizes the bad habit, the government subsidizes it, and big business squeezes a buck out of it. When somebody’s absolutely got to have something, that’s called demand. Addiction creates enormous demand, and there are massive profits in supplying what we crave. The More Widespread an Addiction Gets, the More It Seems Normal An extreme example of a dysfunction that has become accepted as normal in one part of the world is the burka women are forced to wear in some parts of the Middle East.

They react like there’s something a little strange about me that I’m so concerned. Why? As we know, addiction can afflict anyone regardless of their income, education, or intelligence. America’s best and brightest, despite their brains and positions of privilege, are also addicts, hooked on the very same social addictions as the rest of us! And, because they’re smart, they can whip up the best excuses to justify our worst lifestyle choices. If I go out to a fancy restaurant with a successful New York executive, the chances are that a good percentage of the food that comes to our table will be discarded.

More than anything else, that’s what sobriety is: FREEDOM! Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to experience that same freedom! Right now you might be thinking, The nerve of that Jane, to assume whoever’s reading this book is an alcoholic! No, I’m not jumping to that conclusion, but I am making a pretty safe bet that you are an addict. Why? Because virtually everyone in America is hooked on something. We are a nation of addicts! In Addict Nation, you’ll learn how you and I, and other Americans, are being lured into a slew of addictions that are supremely self-destructive.

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