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By Garrett Birkhoff

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This vintage, written by means of younger teachers who grew to become giants of their box, has formed the certainty of recent algebra for generations of mathematicians and is still a invaluable reference and textual content for self learn and school classes.

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PROOF. A:I then W i . E = E Ai . {i E 1 : A:I For each = 1, which says S = W. We shall show that Ai Ai for each a ' < (1. S whence a ~ Ai} ' in I, let i We shall show Suppose i' E for I' A( by showing that Ai is hereditary. Then w' E S for each w' < (a,(), so = Ai Therefore ~ Ai as Ai is well-founded, so 0 Let {Ai}l EI be a family of well-founded sets indexed by a discrete set I. We say that an element f of TriE! Ai has finite support if there is a finite subset J of I so that for each impossible for any a in A( (that is, fi l in I , either i E J, or a < fl is is a minimal element of Ai )' Note that if I is finite, then every element of "lE!

7. Show that a partially ordered set may be considered a category '£ in which the set 'e(a,b) = {x E {OJ a S b}. What is the categorical description of the infimum of two elements? 8. Suppose that fo r each binary sequence find m such that an = am whenever S at n 2 a2 ~ a3 S ••• we could Conclude that LPO m. holds. 6. WELL-roJNDED SETS AND ORDINALS Let W be a set with a relation a < b. hereditary if OJ E S whenever w' E A subset S of W is said to be S for each OJ' < OJ. The set W (or the 25 6. Well-founded sets and ordinals relation a < b) is well founded if each hereditary subset of W equals W.

2); in the Thus the inequality on ffi is cotransitive. To show that the inequality on ffi is tight, suppose a t 0 is impossible. 3). Thus a ,, 0. t' . > a Not only is IR a partially ordered set , it is a lattice. real numbers I supremum of (t -sup (-(l , -b ) . 101 0 If nand bare = mnx (an ,bn ) defines a real number C that is the and b , written c = sup(o,b) . The infimum of a and b is then cn The absolute value of a real number a may be defined as = sup(o,-<1). The field ~ of complex numbers is obtained from the vector space 1R2 by setting (o,b) (c,d) = (oc - bd I od + bd) .

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