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By Frank J. Wilstach

Initially released in 1916. This quantity from the Cornell college Library's print collections was once scanned on an APT BookScan and switched over to JPG 2000 structure by means of Kirtas applied sciences. All titles scanned hide to hide and pages may well contain marks notations and different marginalia found in the unique quantity.

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Weißer) laterite type bauxite bauxitisch bauxitic Bauxitisierung f bauxitization Bauxitlagerstätte f bauxite deposit Bauxitton m bauxitic clay Bauwesen n civil engineering Bavenoer Zwilling m Baveno twin Bavenoer Zwillingsgesetz n Baveno twin law Bayrische Fazies f Bavarian facies beanspruchen (mechanisch) to stress Beanspruchung f 1. (gerichtete) directed stress; 2. (zulässige) permissible stress; 3. (zusammengesetzte) combined stress; 4. (mechanisch) loading, strain, stress bearbeitbar workable Bearbeitbarkeit f workability bearbeiten 1.

Pflanzliches) phytobenthos; 7. (sessiles) attached benthos, sedentary benthos, sessile benthos; 8. (vagiles) free-moving benthos, mobile benthos, vagile benthos, vagrant benthos Benthosfauna f benthic organisms, benthonic fauna, bottom dwelling organisms, ground-living forms, ground-living organisms Bentonit m 1. bentonite, soap clay; 2. (mit kristallinem Detritus) arkosic bentonite Bentonitbohrschlamm m, Bentonitbohrspülung f bentonite drilling mud bentonitisch bentonitic Bentonitspülflüssigkeit f, Bentonitspülschlamm m bentonite drilling mud Benzin n 1.

Azimuthal projection, zenithal map projection; 2. (äquatorständige) equatorial azimuthal projection; 3. (flächentreue) azimuthal equal area projection; 4. (normale) normal azimuthal projection; 5. (polständige) normal azimuthal projection; 6. (transversale) equatorial azimuthal projection Azimutbestimmung f azimuthal determination Azimutrichtung f azimuthal direction azoisch azoic Azurit m azurite, blue copper carbonate, chessy copper, chessylite, mountain azure, mineral blue azygisch azygous 28 B Babelquarz m (gestaltliche Varietät von Quarz) babel quartz, Babylonia quartz Bach m 1.

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